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How Does Art Therapy Work?

The art therapist provides a safe, non-threatening space for exploration of the client’s issues. The art made in each session reflects feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that the client and therapist work together to understand. Gradually, patterns develop that lead to increased self-awareness and self-acceptance. Research demonstrates that difficult or traumatic experiences are stored in the right hemisphere of the brain as sensations and images. The left hemisphere is the part of the brain we use to make sense of our How Does Art Therapy Work?experiences and until the left brain can access the experience, the conflict or disturbance remains unresolved. Art therapy works to integrate the images and sensations of both hemispheres.

Who Can Use Art Therapy?

Anyone can use art therapy. It has been shown to be effective for people of all ages and particularly for individuals who may be experiencing life changes, trauma, illness, or other distress. Art therapy benefits children who may be experiencing problems at school, emotional outbursts, excessive shyness, separation anxiety, difficulty making friends, adjusting to family changes, sibling rivalry, bullying, and social difficulties.