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Art Thearapy with Patti Anastasi

Patti Anastasi, M.A.
Artist-Psychology-Art Therapy

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What is an Art Therapist?

Art therapists are master’s-level professionals trained in psychology/art therapy/marriage and family therapy, or a related field and have completed required courses in:

    counseling and psychotherapy
    ethics and standards of practice
    assessment and evaluation
    individual, group and family counseling techniques
What is an Art Therapist?     human and creative development
    multicultural issues
    research methods
    practicum experiences in
        clinical, community, and/or
        other settings

Art therapists use skills in evaluation and psychotherapy to choose appropriate art interventions that most effectively meet their clients’ therapeutic needs. Drawing, painting, clay and other art modalities are used to assess and treat clients. Interpretation of art is carefully done with the client’s input, insight, and comments. The art therapist is careful not to project assumptions onto the client’s art. Art therapists also maintain appropriate client records and abide by a high standard of professional competence and integrity as set forth by the American Art Therapy Association.